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Healthy Diet Plan & Meat

Can a healthy diet meal plan include meat? It’s a confusing time for meat lovers. You can’t turn on the TV or read the newspaper without hearing about how plant proteins are better for health and the environment. Even fast food chains are serving up meatless burgers and sausage. And for years nutrition

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Healthy Treats are Necessary

Healthy treats are a necessary part of a reasonable diet. There’s no good reason to permanently eschew all treats. Doing so does not lead to a happy life. Also, it is totally unnecessary. Just find ways to make calorically dense treats somewhat healthy by using nutritious ingredients. Go light on

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Good Weight Loss Plans Require Planning

Good weight loss plans require a bit of advance planning. I firmly that healthy eating requires newfound skills because of our current food environment. That’s why I wrote a book entitled “How to Survive in a World Designed to Make Us Fat and Lazy.” If we just make food decisions

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Keto 2.0 is Here

Keto 2.0 is here. What is it? Experts say this modified keto diet is not nearly as restrictive as the original version. The ketogenic diet is notoriously tough to stick with and, as a result, many people who were once all-in with the low-carb eating plan have stopped following it. But not everyone who