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Is Celery Juice Healthy?

Is Celery juice is certainly having a moment as the latest “cure-all.” Searching #celeryjuice on the social-media site Instagram brings up more than 175,000 posts (and counting). Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop, advocates drinking celery juice (16 ounces) every morning, as do supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Busy Philipps. Celery juice is

Elaine’s Weight Loss Blog: How to Be a Diet Planner When on Vacation

You have to be a diet planner when you’re on vacation. Here are some tips about how to behave when you’re on vacation. Weight control when traveling is no easy task. But I knew that I needed to keep my waistline in mind if I didn't want to pay for

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Elaine’s Weight Loss Journey: Diets Don’t Work Unless They Alter Your Lifestyle

I used to go on these deprivation diets that killed my mind and body, and I would last on such diets for about a week or two, until my body gave up and caved into anything and everything I was denying myself. Not only did I suffer during those two

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Wellness Programs: What are the Most Effective Weight Loss Programs?

There are many Wellness Programs that lure us in with a promise of quick results, but what are the most effective weight loss programs? I think the most effective weight loss programs focus on improving your lifestyle. I’ve said this before, and I say it again: quick weight loss programs

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Healthy Diets: Elaine’s Blog, Week #11

Healthy diets Allow for Occasional Treats, But Watch Portion Control Eating a healthy diet and following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you abstain from all the ‘bad foods’. In fact, one of Lorie’s recommendations is that you: Be a little bad. Over the weekend I attended the OC Night Market

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Maintaining the Weight Loss: Elaine’s Weight Loss Journey, Week #10

Maintaining the Weight Loss Achieving weight loss is a big accomplishment, but before you bite into that victory treat, take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself: Am I still trying to lose weight or am I wanting to maintain the weight I’ve lost? Personally, I am in a place where

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Elaine’s Weight Loss Journey: Getting Back on Track

Weight Loss: Getting Back on Track Three days after the final audition, I met with Lorie in her office and she congratulated me on a job well done. She also commended me for treating myself to eating a little junk food, but also stressed this: “You’ve had your treat, now

Elaine’s Journey to Professional Cheerleader (part 2)

OMG I made it to finals! I was ecstatic when I learned that I had made it to the final round of the audition process! In addition to working at my regular job, I had to attend mandatory rehearsals in the evenings to prepare for the final audition which was

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Healthy Eating Motivated by the Dream of Becoming a Professional Cheerleader

Elaine knew that healthy eating was necessary to achieve her dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.  In this blog post, she recounts Part 1 of her journey in auditioning for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleading squad.  It begins with a dream My lifelong dream has been to be a professional

Planning for Healthy Eating: Elaine’s Blog, Week #6

Healthy eating requires planning We can all relate to the feeling of the Monday blues, and though Saturday and Sunday are the designated “free days”, most of us are just as busy during the weekend as we are Monday thru Friday -- if not busier.  I had a lot going