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Best Fitness Training Methods

The best fitness training methods are not so easy to identify. Just like with diets, there are a seemingly endless array of training methods to choose from. So how do you select the best fitness training methods for you? Fitness Training Myths Selecting the best fitness training methods gets confusing

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Fitness Training Programs & Strength

Fitness training programs must include cardio work, but resistance training is equally important. Why Fitness Programs Should Emphasize Resistance Training Many women in particular, overlook resistance training as a component of their fitness program because either they are worried they will “bulk up” or they think the key to weight

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Fitness Training Programs

Fitness training programs have to be practical and feel doable or they will not be consistent. We used to think that long, slow cardio was the ticket to good health. Then we added strength training to replenish muscle and burn more fat at rest. Lately, fitness training programs have focused