• health risks of diet soda

Health Risks of Diet Soda

What are the health risks of diet soda? Diet soda is promoted as a safe way to enjoy soda without consuming a lot of sugar. But is it really safe to drink diet soda or are their health risks associated with consuming sugar free sodas?

  • keto diets cause disease

Keto Diets Cause Disease

Keto diets cause disease. That’s the finding of a new study that warns they may be doing long-term damage to your health. Researchers say that what makes these high-fat diets different from other weight-loss strategies is also increasing the risk of developing a multitude of different diseases.

  • causes of bloating

How to Lose Belly Fat

Are you wondering how lose belly? Belly fat. Few words inspire more fear in the hearts of health-minded people. And for good reason.

  • is red meat healthy?

How Much Red Meat is Healthy?

How much red meat is healthy? For meat lovers, barbecue season means lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, charcuterie trays and exotic cuts like wild boar and bison. But there’s a dark side to the carnivore’s diet.

  • how long does it take to change health habits

How Long Does it Take to Change Health Habits?

How long does it take to change health habits? When asked the question, most people would respond with “21 days.” We’ve heard that for decades. You will be surprised to learn that it actually takes far longer than 21 days to make new healthy habits stick. So don’t give up too quickly!

  • Healthy lifestyle and cancers Include Bite-Sized Goals and Regular Rewards

Healthy Lifestyle and Cancer

A healthy lifestyle and cancer susceptibility are related. The latest research shows that living a healthy lifestyle may help mitigate high genetic risk of cancer. Even if cancer runs in your family, if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle you can lessen the risk of the disease.

  • vegetables you should cook

Vegetables You Should Cook

Some vegetables you should cook because your body can absorb more nutrition from them when you add heat. Eating vegetables raw isn't always the most nutritious option.

  • best protein sources

What are the Best Protein Sources?

What are the best protein sources? Red meat is a good source of protein, but it should be limited due to its association with heart disease. So, what are the best protein sources? Think plant and seafood.

  • latest die trends

The Latest Diet Trends

Here some of the latest diet trends. Searching for the perfect diet to help you get back in shape? Many of us yo-yo from one weight-loss trend to another in hopes of shedding extra pounds. But our time and effort might be better spent elsewhere. Even if some of these trendy diets do help you lose weight, they may leave you less healthy.

  • how to eat healthy while on vacation

Eat Healthy While on Vacation

You can eat healthy while on vacation. It just requires a little planning and thinking ahead. But it will be worth it to return home without having gained any vacation weight.

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