• how much red meat is safe?

How Much Red Meat is Safe?

Has new research left you concerned about the health implications of eating red and processed meat? Read on to find out what the latest findings mean and whether you need to banish the bacon for good.

  • best weight loss diets for women over 50

Best Diets for Women Over 50?

What are the best diets for women over 50 years old? As a Certified Nutritionist, this is a question I frequently get from my baby boomer clients. For my weight loss clients, the question of how to get the weight off and keep it off is an integral part of the inquiry.

  • Zoom meetings and health

Zoom Meetings and Health

Zoom meetings and health are related and not in a positive way. For the last year, many of us have sat in an endless series of Zoom conferences. While it is a practical solution to staying connected without going into the office, it is taking a tool on our health.

  • heart healthy diets

Heart Healthy Diets

What’s are the heart healthy diets? What's the best diet for heart health? Dietitians weigh in. Nutrition experts discuss portion control, weight loss and the health benefits of eating a diet rich in heart-healthy foods.

  • elimination diets pros and cons

Elimination Diets Pros and Cons

Elimination diets pros and cons. Here’s a dietician’s evaluation. While some elimination diets are medically necessary, others are nothing more than a fad. A dietitian explains what you need to know.

  • how to cut back on carbs

How to Cut Back on Carbs

Do you know how to cut back on carbs without having to go full Keto? Most nutritionists wouldn't recommend the keto diet, but the eating plan has a few good takeaways.

  • why fast food is bad for you

Why Fast Food is Bad For You

You may wonder why fast food is bad for you. We’ve all heard that fast food is bad for us. But what is considered fast food and what does it do to our bodies? If burgers, French fries and greasy breakfast sandwiches become centerpieces of your diet, they could take a serious toll on your health.

  • what are baru nuts?

What are Baru Nuts?

What are baru nuts? Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about the exotic baru nut being the latest superfood. I had to check them out. Here’s some useful information about this special nut.

  • risk factor for dementia

Risk Factor for Dementia Identified

What is a risk factor for dementia? A new study shows an association between a large waist size and the development of cognitive impairment. This study provides more evidence that lifestyle matters when it comes to dementia.

  • fitness trends for 2021

Fitness Trends for 2021

What are the fitness trends for 2021? Every year since 2007, ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine – publishes the results of the 'Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends', a comprehensive review that involves thousands of fitness and wellness professionals from across the globe including experts such as personal trainers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals, and gym club owners. During 2020, we have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in the awareness of how much physical exercise impacts one's well-being with the reaffirmation that it's one of the most powerful forces for good health.

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