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Dieting Involves Learning Healthy Substitutes

Dieting involves learning how to make healthy substitutes for your favorite junk foods. Are you a snacker who craves salty, crunchy snacks? Do you have a love affair with Doritos?   Dieting for Healthy Lifestyle Change Requires Clever Substitutions Dieting is useless without lifestyle change. So, if you’re dieting you

Good Weight Loss Programs Include Treats

Good weight loss programs must include treats. The key is to find some treats that are nutritious and also satisfy your sweet tooth. Pay attention to portion size. Many of my clients have tried the “first three bites” rule and found that it works for them. In other words, savor

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Good Weight Loss Programs Feature Healthy Snacks

Good weight loss programs have to accommodate snacking. We all like our snacks from time to time. Most of us are either sweets eaters or we favor crunchy, salty treats. Often we eat snacks to satisfy emotional needs. It might be that we feel a need to reward ourselves. Or,

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New Weight Loss Programs Don’t Ban Favorite Snacks

New weight loss programs don’t ban your favorite snacks. New weight loss programs focus on permanent lifestyle change. These programs recognize that for this new weight loss program to feel comfortable over the long run, favorite snacks and comfort foods can remain a part of your healthy diet.   New

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Healthy Eating Means Grab-N-Go Snacks

Healthy eating means planning. You can buy many types of nutrition bars, but why not make your own? Then you know for sure exactly what it contains and there’s no need to add any artificial preservatives or additives. Many energy bars contain ingredients such as soy protein isolate, high-fructose corn

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Dieting Plans Require Healthy Snacks

Dieting plans require healthy snacks. At some point, you’ll get hungry between meals or you won’t be unable to eat at your usual meal time. Plan for those eventualities by having healthy snacks available.   Hummus is a Good Snack for Dieting Plans   One good snack option for healthy

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Healthy Snacks Promote Weight Control

Healthy snacks are an important part of weight control. We live in a world of convenience. When we need a snack, it’s all too tempting to reach for high calorie, sugar packed energy bars or chips that contain unhealthy trans-fats.   With a little planning and preparation, you could be