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  • exercise intensity

Exercise Intensity

Exercise intensity is the subject of ongoing debate. Is moderate intensity good enough or do we need to do high intensity interval training to make the exercise beneficial? The research is in conflict.

  • calories in nuts are lower than thought

Calories in Nuts

Calories in nuts? They may be quite a bit lower than are being reported on most nutrition labels. A new method of measuring calorie absorption is starting to change the thinking of how to measure the number of calories in nuts.

  • healthy diet and health

Healthy Eating and Health

Healthy eating and health go hand-in-hand according to the latest study. In fact, eating healthy may matter more than the number on the scale. The body really does know if you’re eating healthy food or junk food.

  • best diet for diabetics

Best Diet for Heart Health

Best diet for heart health? According to a new study the one that delivers the most benefits is a pesco-Mediterranean Diet along with Intermittent Fasting. While there's no one-size-fits-all eating plan, researchers have discovered certain diets may certainly offer more benefits than others. Recently, when scientists investigated the ideal diet for both overall and heart health, they found a combo of two popular diets may do the trick.

  • healthy meal plans

Healthy Meal Plans Lead to Weight Loss

Healthy meal plans are the key to eating healthy. There is no doubt that if we don’t create healthy meal plans we will not eat healthy. There is just too much junk food, fast food and sweets everywhere we turn.

  • craving salty snacks

Craving Salty Foods?

Craving salty foods? Surveys estimate almost 100% of women and nearly 70% of men report having experienced cravings — or intense desire for a specific type of food — during the past year.

  • salads for fall season

Cruciferous Vegetables Health Benefits

Cruciferous vegetables come with a lot of health benefits. You may be surprised to learn that kale and broccoli are cousins. Learn about there special health benefits.

  • The Blue Zones lessons for longevity

The Blue Zones: Longevity Lessons

The Blue Zones are the five areas of the world that have the longest-living and healthiest populations. What can we learn from them?

  • most addictive foods

Most Addictive Foods?

Most addictive foods? It’s a question we all ponder from time to time. As a Certified Nutritionist, I know that people, bodies, and cravings vary. But here is some interesting research on most addictive foods. In 2009, researchers at Yale developed the Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS) to provide a

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