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  • craving salty snacks

Craving Salty Foods?

Craving salty foods? Surveys estimate almost 100% of women and nearly 70% of men report having experienced cravings — or intense desire for a specific type of food — during the past year.

  • cruciferous vegetables health benefits

Cruciferous Vegetables Health Benefits

Cruciferous vegetables come with a lot of health benefits. You may be surprised to learn that kale and broccoli are cousins. Learn about there special health benefits.

  • The Blue Zones lessons for longevity

The Blue Zones: Longevity Lessons

The Blue Zones are the five areas of the world that have the longest-living and healthiest populations. What can we learn from them?

  • most addictive foods

Most Addictive Foods?

Most addictive foods? It’s a question we all ponder from time to time. As a Certified Nutritionist, I know that people, bodies, and cravings vary. But here is some interesting research on most addictive foods. In 2009, researchers at Yale developed the Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS) to provide a

  • how long does it take to lose weight?

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?

How long does it take to lose weight? As a Certified Nutritionist, this is a question I get asked all the time. Of course, most clients want to lose weight as fast as possible. The pace of weight loss is unpredictable and there are a lot of different variables. In

Combining Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Combining intermittent fasting and keto is an intriguing proposition since the keto diet and intermittent fasting are two of the hottest current health trends.

  • sea bass recipe

Sea Bass Recipe

Here’s a sea bass recipe to add to your fish repertoire. Many of us are trying to eat more fish, but get stuck with salmon. We are reluctant to try other fishes because we don’t know how to prepare them. How about a healthy sea bass recipe? Health Benefits of

  • cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention is something we’re all interested in doing. But, what can we do? According to the research, building and maintaining muscle mass may be one of the keys to cancer prevention. Step off of that bathroom scale. That number won't tell you how healthy you actually are, according to

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