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My Experience with Wellness Coaching

I finished my three months working with Coach Lorie, making major changes to my lifestyle, thanks to her suggestions and advice.  I found her readily available, responsive to my needs and flexible–this last virtue included that fact that she was able to change our scheduled appointments when my work interfered, as often happens.

I live some distance away from Lorie’s area, but she encouraged me to engage in regular telephone appointments to deal with our scheduled meetings, which made it all possible. We could have Skyped our meetings, or used one of the other audio-visual contact methods via computer or Smart phones.   It didn’t matter: working on the non-visual phone worked great. From the Coach: Research studies show that telephone coaching is as effective as in-person sessions.

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Reflections on my Coaching Experience:

As I stated in the beginning of my blogs during my work with Lorie, over the past ten years, I lost physical tone and energy and–not exactly paradoxically–I gained a large amount of weight as I aged and developed serious medical issues, particularly a heart problem that started ten years ago.

I came to Lorie with the weight problem paramount in my mind at first, and with health and energy/tone issues secondary.  Lorie made it clear that my first problem was related to the secondary ones, and that my overall problem was a series of “bad” habits developed over the years which led to physical and emotional problems that I wished to change.

At first, I wanted to watch the scales, worrying about whether I’d lose a few pounds, but eventually Lorie showed me that we were not dealing with diets–although “diet” itself is an important issue–but with habits and lifestyle.  After three months of work with Lorie, I no longer carefully watch the scales–in fact, I don’t think I’ve been on the scales in over a month.  But instead, I watch the habits and I know the changes I’ve made under Lorie’s tutelage have made an impact on my body and my mind. From the Coach: It’s hard to resist the temptation of using the scale as the sign of success, since that is what “diets” have taught us to do.  Wellness coaching is a different approach. It’s about learning to live a healthier life.

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It’s Still a Work in Progress

I’m still not where I want to be–and given my nature, I probably never will be satisfied.  When I was virtually anorexic as a long distance runner, I still monitored every tiny gain of ounces every day, as if a single pound was a disaster in my life to be corrected by running twice as far the next day.  But I now feel aware of things like “tone”, “energy” and well-being, thanks to Lorie’s help in correcting my world view on my life and lifestyle. It is no longer about what I see on the scales each day.

But even were I to be at an optimum weight/body shape, I will not stop the changes, not because they make those desired changes, but because they are (1) good for me; (2) help me reach and stay at my goals; (3) make me feel good emotionally; and (4) are just generally better ways of thinking about self and desires.

I found out during the course of care with Lorie that one of my medical problems wasn’t resolved, which slowed my progress down; that problem has been altered recently and hopefully resolved.  The doctors following my health have deemed my work with Lorie to be extremely beneficial.

Lorie offers continued assistance on an as needed basis or for follow-up and I have taken advantage of that offer on occasion.  From the Coach: I make an effort to keep in touch with my clients, even after they complete formal coaching. I care how they’re doing and want to continue to offer encouragement and support.

I can’t say I am completely successful yet, because as Lorie says, this took a long time to get to where I was when I started with Lorie, and with changes to bring my lifestyle and habits back to where I started, it will take a long time to get back. And I haven’t been able to make all the changes yet into permanent habits, which delays reaching some of the goals, but thanks to Lorie, I know how to make them and can work on them until they are “normal behavior” for me, in which case they will have become true habits in my life.

I am pleased and enthused with where I am going on this journey now, thanks to Lorie’s help.  I know it is and will be a lifelong commitment to better health and mindset.

Thank you, Lorie!

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