You have to be a diet planner when you’re on vacation. Here are some tips about how to behave when you’re on vacation. Weight control when traveling is no easy task. But I knew that I needed to keep my waistline in mind if I didn’t want to pay for it when I returned home. I just got back from a 9-day trip to Asia where I visited Hong Kong and Tokyo.


Diet Planner Tip: Never Let Yourself Get Starving


It was about 10 pm by the time we arrived at our hotel, and we’d spend over 13 hours on a plane, so we were both hungry and exhausted. I Yelped the closest restaurant that was open late and appeared to serve healthier dishes. When we got there, we ordered a plate of shrimp stir fry and Chinese kale with mushrooms. Both dishes arrived glistening – and I mean no compliment with that description. Both dishes were visibly drenched in oils, and though I nearly fell out of my chair at the sight of the congealed goo that was brought to our table, I didn’t want to be rude so I ate enough to appear as if I’d given the meal a reasonable attempt. Not to mention I was starving! *sigh* So my first meal in Hong Kong was a flop, but I had hope for the coming days!


Diet Planner Tip: Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast


The next morning we tried the hotel breakfast which served a nice array of healthy foods (fresh fruits, yogurts, eggs, whole grains, etc.), so needless to say I began each day in that hotel restaurant. Since my husband was busy working, I did a lot of solo sight-seeing and walking in Hong Kong.

The distractions of the city often led me to skip lunches, and I was mindful with my portions at dinner though I was eating pretty fatty foods. The sum of these things allowed me to keep my weight fairly stable while vacationing in Hong Kong.


Diet Planner Tip: Do Your Homework


But when we arrived in Tokyo, it was a lot harder to watch what I ate because I was sightseeing alongside my husband, and for some reason he was ALWAYS hungry. I did my best to stay in a healthy mindset, but meals in Japan are not very balanced.

Surprisingly, the standard dish comes in the form of a starchy carb and a fatty protein. Considering how slim the people in Asia are, I had a really difficult time finding dishes that had vegetables. And I’m talking legitimate vegetables, not corn and cherry tomatoes! The vegetable curry dish pictured below is the one dish that had the most vegetables throughout my entire trip in Asia! Can you believe it?!


Diet Planner Tip: Focus on Portion Control


Even though I was eating unbalanced calorie-dense meals, I think I was able to keep my weight lower than the potential number it could have reached had I really “let myself go”. My saving grace was to rarely finish what I ordered. People could argue, “Well that’s a shame, it’s not like you’ll ever be there again! You should enjoy yourself while you were there!” That’s the problem. Right there!

You can’t let yourself go when you on a vacation. If you do that, than all the hard work you put in prior to vacationing will go to waste. In the past, I’ve “let myself go” while vacationing one too many times, and I’ve learned the hard way that overindulging yourself is never worth the troubles you face when you go home. Interestingly, the serving sizes in Asia are comparable to that in the US, so I did my best to eat only what my body really needed, which ended up being about 50% of the serving size. I definitely allowed myself to try just about everything I wanted to try while I was there, but I watched my portions.


Diet Planner Tip: Move Your Body


I also managed to squeeze in a workout at the hotel gym and take a dance class while in Hong Kong so I got in some aerobic exercise. Additionally, I did hours upon hours of walking between the two cities I visited, so that too helped to keep my weight down.


Diet Planner Tip: Get Back in the Groove ASAP


But despite my efforts, I sill gained about 3 lbs. oversees. I honestly expected some weight gain, so I’m not punching myself for the extra numbers I see on the scale. However I’m definitely ready to pick up where I left off and get back into the groove of healthy eating and regular workouts.

until next time

<3 elaine