Healthy diets Allow for Occasional Treats, But Watch Portion Control

Eating a healthy diet and following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you abstain from all the ‘bad foods’. In fact, one of Lorie’s recommendations is that you: Be a little bad.

Over the weekend I attended the OC Night Market which was held at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The OC Night Market is a food, retail, and craft festival, but I mainly attended to try out some yummy foods.

On Friday night, my husband and I arrived at the festival and we walked the concourse to scan the vendors. We decided to try Mu’s Hawaiian and Rakken. The Hawaiian food wasn’t that unhealthy because it had rice and grilled chicken, but at Rakken, we got a plate of crab garlic fries. I actually felt full after eating about a quarter of the serving size, but for some reason I just kept eating. I told myself, “This is $10 and I don’t want to waste food.” WRONG!! Lorie has advised me in the past to either trash the junk, or let it land on your hips! By the time 75% of the plate was eaten, I finally realized that it was time to toss the rest. But mind you, I had already consumed about 25-50% MORE than I really needed. Like I said, I felt satisfied after a few bites.

Another thing Lorie recommended I do, is to not bring treats into the house. I’ve found that once the junk is in the house, it’s very hard for me to trash whatever is left over. While grocery shopping this week, I must have forgotten about her advice because I picked up a bag of Goldfish crackers and a bag of AIRHEADS candies. The night they entered our home, I ate about 3-4 servings of Goldfish. That amounted to over 500 calories. 500 EMPTY calories!! I was aimlessly stuffing goldfish crackers into my mouth as I watched my favorite sitcom on Netflix. By the time I had finished half the bag in one sitting, it dawned on me how much I consumed and I felt disgusted. I also realized that I had forgotten about Lorie’s advice on leaving the treats outside. Even though Goldfish crackers are not THAT bad, I failed to portion control.

This is why I think it’s necessary to get into the habit of eating out of bowl or off a plate — NOT out of the bag! There’s just too much risk when you allow yourself to eat from the bag.

After over eating on both occasions, I concluded:
1) That I must choose my treats wisely. The crab garlic fries didn’t even taste that good. But I still overate. =(
2) That I must avoid eating out of the bag to control my portions. Imagine how hard I’ll have to work to burn off 500 extra EMPTY calories!

until next time <3