Do you spend a lot of time sitting through mind-numbing meetings? Don’t you just love those three-day conferences? For many of us, business meetings are a necessary evil. While they’re somewhat tolerable when limited to an hour, they become a full-blown health hazard when we’re glued to our seats for hours at a stretch and the only relief comes in the form of 10-minute breaks to gobble down junk food and scan our backlog of emails.

For those of us in the corporate world, derriere in the chair is our all-day posture. If you’re a denizen of corporate America, you can add two certainties to death and taxes: (1) you’ll sit so much your backside will get sore, and (2) you’ll boredom-eat junk food. If we had the ability to read the minds of conference attendees, I guarantee that “What’s for lunch?” would be the predominant thought less than five minutes into the proceedings.

As predictably as night follows day, the double-whammy of high calorie eating coupled with prolonged sitting invariably leads to the formation of new belly fat and nasty cellulite. So, what’s a good employee to do?

Here are some tried and true strategies that will allow you to feel good about yourself when the marathon meeting is over:

Strategies to Eat Less Junk Food

  • Understand the lingo: “Continental breakfast” means sugar and fat are for breakfast.
  • BYOF: “Bring Your Own Food” and don’t even look at the free food.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water all day.
  • Tote Healthy Snacks: Almonds, baby carrots, fruit, string cheese.
  • Hang with the right crowd: Identify the healthy eating crowd and mimic their habits.
  • Don’t look: It’s a lot easier to avoid eating high-calorie tempting snacks if you never see them.
  • Don’t clean your plate: Leave at least one-half of the ginormous portion on that plate.
  • Don’t let the buffet tempt you: Survey the offerings, and then load up your plate with vegetables and greens. Add a small portion of protein, and skip the starch and dessert.
  • Eat before the cocktail party: Have a snack beforehand, so you can resist the fatty appetizers and limit yourself to one glass of wine.
  • Don’t resort to room service: Book a room with a refrigerator, and stop at the grocery or health food store to pick up some healthy prepared food.

Strategies to Keep That Body Moving

  • Squeeze in “exer-snacks:” Take brisk walks at break times, lunchtime, and after dinner.
  • Choose the right hotel: Do some research and choose a hotel with an adequate workout room or a walking or running trail nearby.
  • Pack smart: Pack your walking or running shoes and your workout clothes.
  • Be prepared: Set out your workout attire before you go to bed.
  • Stand up: For at least a few minutes every hour.
  • Wear a fitness tracker: To motivate yourself to get your 10,000 steps.
  • Enlist a buddy: Make a commitment to meet at the hotel’s exercise room in the morning.
  • Take the stairs: Find the stairwell and use it, at least to go down.
  • Work out in your room: Watch a YouTube exercise video or do some body weight exercises.
  • Choose the dinner restaurant: Do your homework and locate a healthy, walkable restaurant.