• what's the right amount of exercise

What’s the Right Amount of Exercise?

What’s the right amount of exercise? The Department of Health & Human Services prescribes at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The guidelines suggest that you spread out this exercise during the course of a week. But, how hard and how often should you push yourself to get the best results? Do you need to kill it in the gym or can you get by with a brisk walk?

  • causes of bloating

Obesity and Exercise

Obesity and exercise are the subject of some recent research. It provides intriguing insights into how the body functions and guidance on what to do if you’re obese and trying to lose weight.

  • banana desserts

Banana Desserts

Banana desserts are a summertime treat. Bananas are sweet, delicious, and extremely versatile. They are good for your hair, skin, digestive health, and even your vision, they can be baked, fried, frozen, mashed, and used in place of oil in baking.

  • does metabolism slow with age?

Does Metabolism Slow with Age?

Does metabolism slow down with age? The research shows that it changes with age, just not when you might think. Most of us remember a time when we could eat anything we wanted and not gain weight. But a new study suggests your metabolism, the rate at which you burn calories, actually peaks much earlier and starts its inevitable decline later than you might think.

  • cauliflower taco recipe

Cauliflower Taco Recipe

When you want meatless tacos, try this roasted cauliflower taco recipe, which can be made in the air fryer. Making a cauliflower taco recipe can allow you to enjoy tacos without eating beef and cutting down on the saturated fat in your diet.

  • healthy ice cream

Healthy Ice Cream

How about a healthy ice cream? This one has only three ingredients and is very easy to make. While we all love a cooling indulgent treat like ice cream in the summer, most ice cream is loaded with fat and sugar.

  • healthy whole grain recipe

Healthy Whole Grain Recipe

Looking for a healthy whole grain recipe? How about trying this recipe featuring farro and kale? In case you’re not familiar with farro, it is an ancient wheat grain packed with nutrition. Farro is loved for its nutty flavor and unique, chewy texture.

  • nutrition in figs

Figs are Good for You

Figs are good for you. I have a fig tree in my yard that produces twice a year and I love to eat them as a snack, sliced up in a salad or as a sauce for baked salmon. Figs satisfy a sweet tooth and are very nutritious.

  • health risks of diet soda

Health Risks of Diet Soda

What are the health risks of diet soda? Diet soda is promoted as a safe way to enjoy soda without consuming a lot of sugar. But is it really safe to drink diet soda or are their health risks associated with consuming sugar free sodas?

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