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Lorie’s Approach to Wellness

Lorie Eber explains her approach to wellness.

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You Can’t Exercise the Weight Off

Wellness Coach Lorie Eber explains why you cannot simply exercise the weight off.

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Introduction to Wellness Coaching

An introduction to what Wellness Coaching is and how it can help you.

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Lorie’s Thoughts on Dr. Oz

Wellness Coach Lorie Eber details her thoughts on Dr. Oz’s weight loss tips.

Tips for Eating Out

Ms. Eber gives some tips on making healthy choices when dining out.

Lorie’s Thoughts on a Colon Cleanse

Lorie Eber talks about the colon cleanse, and why it is not necessary.

Nutrition Myths and Diets Debunked

Lorie Eber debunks a few popular nutrition myths.

How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

Wellness Coach Lorie Eber explains ways to fit in exercise even when you have a busy schedule.

How to Lose Weight for Good

Wellness Coach Lorie Eber explains how changing your habits can help you loose weight for good.

How to Get Your Stress Under Control

Lorie provides tips on stress management.

Lawpreneur Radio

Wellness Coach Lorie Eber discusses her career and her philosophy on Lawpreneur Radio.

Read more on lawpreneurradio.com.

The Ward and Al Show

Lorie Eber discusses Health and Wellness on the Ward and Al show on Sirius XM Radio.

Chronic Stress Ruins Your Life

Lorie discusses how stress can kill you.

Reduce Your Stress by Being Less of a Perfectionist

Lorie discusses workaholics and perfectionism.