Do you enjoy the holidays but also dread the craziness, stress, and weight gain? Want to end the holiday season feeling good about yourself and being able to zip up your jeans? Follow these 3 simple tips:

1. Focus on portion control

food-portionThe simplest way to control your food intake while being tempted by a never-ending array of special holiday foods and delectable sweets is to watch your portion sizes. Just because there are an overwhelming number of appealing choices doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and try everything. Be selective and limit yourself to a normal sized meal. Load up on the low calorie, nutritious vegetables first and then sample just a few special seasonal foods, so that your calorie consumption still resembles normal life. Drinking lots of water and sticking to your usual meal times will also help. Don’t make the mistake of trying to deprive yourself of all treats during the holidays. You’ll end up splurging at some point. Aim to indulge; just a little.

2. Just Say No!


The holidays create a lot of unusual demands on your time. There are family obligations, parties, work functions, networking holiday celebrations, etc. Stop trying to keep everybody happy. Instead, be selective in the events you choose to attend. Make generous use of the little white lie so that you don’t get overloaded. Make sure you reserve time for yourself—to de-stress and to get adequate rest. There’s no reason to run yourself ragged just because it’s the holiday season. If you have toxic relatives, don’t allow them to drag you down. Make excuses to avoid them entirely or to limit your exposure to the negativity.


3. Take Exer-Snacks


steps-388914_640The best way to keep up with your exercise when the insanity hits is to stop thinking of your workout as requiring a fixed block of time in the gym. You’ll never find that hour. Expand your horizons! You’ll do better in the long run if you just focus on finding ways to move your body all day. Take the stairs. Walk to a colleague’s office instead of emailing her. Take a short walk at lunchtime and after dinner. Enjoy nature. Clean your house. It all adds up. Get a fitness tracker to motivate you. They work!


Picture Credit: Pixabay