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A Healthy Diet Includes Chocolate

A healthy diet can certainly include chocolate indulgences. You can make a few substitutions without impacting the taste and have a healthy and rich tasting triple chocolate pudding. A Healthy Diet Version of Chocolate Pudding A healthy diet version of chocolate pudding can be made by substituting cocoa powder for

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How to Eat Healthy

How to eat healthy is a constant struggle for many people. Follow this suggestion from Markham Heid, a writer and reporter for Time Magazine. A Strategy for How to Eat Healthy There is a simple strategy for how to eat healthy: cook at home more and eat out less. People

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A Weight Loss Program Amps Up Fiber

A weight loss diet needs to keep you feeling full on fewer calories. One way to do that is to increase your fiber intake. A single fig contains 1.9 grams of fiber. A weight loss diet should never leave you feeling like you’re starving. If that happens on whatever weight

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Adopt a Healthy Diet This Year

Adopt a healthy diet in 2018. If you’re like most of us, in past years you’ve resolved to lose weight and tried one or more quick weight loss diets. And you may have even stuck with the new regime long enough to ditch some weight. But ultimately, the weight came

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Healthy Eating Guidelines Include Fruits and Vegetables

What are the current healthy eating guidelines for fruits and vegetables?   The 2015-2020 USDA recommendations for an average 2,000 calorie diet suggest that we eat 2 cups of fruit and 2-1/2 cups of vegetables daily.   Most experts have suggested eating between 5 and 9 servings of fruits and

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A Healthy Diet Does Not Include Diet Soda

A healthy diet does not include diet soda. We’ve downed diet sodas since the 1960s as a way to save 140 calories and satisfy a sweet tooth.   The science is now in and it overwhelmingly shows that diet sodas are bad for our health. Drinking diet sodas has been

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Can a Healthy Diet Include Eggs?

Can a healthy diet include eggs? As a Nutritionist and weight loss specialist, this is a question that I am frequently asked. There is good reason for the confusion. As is often the case with nutrition recommendations and research, the thinking and official advice from USDA change over time. In

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Should a Healthy Diet Include Coconut Oil?

Should a Healthy Diet Include Coconut Oil? Should a healthy diet involve cooking with coconut oil? Coconut oil has become trendy lately. Many articles focus on the supposed health benefits of this fashionable fat. The claims include weight loss, slowing down the aging process, and making our hearts healthier. Some

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Healthy Meal Plans: A New Take on a Healthier Chili

Healthy meal plans can include a steaming hot pot of chili. A classic pot of chili to warm you up on a winter day is made with ground beef and topped with shredded cheese and a large dollop of sour cream. How about enjoying a healthier version of a hearty

A Healthy Diet Includes Trying New Spices

A healthy diet means watching our salt intake. Most Americans consume 3,400 mg of salt per day because we use the salt shaker too liberally and eat in restaurants that over salt food to enhance its flavor. The recommended amount for a healthy diet is 2,300 mg per day. Consuming