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Healthy Meal Plans: The Fewer Ingredients the Better

When I advise my clients about healthy eating plans, I emphasize eating “real food,” over packaged foods assembled in plants. Fresh food that grows in the ground or on trees is always healthier and more nutritious than processed food. But, I’m also a realist. Most of my weight loss clients

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Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: How to Boost Your Metabolism

Dieters focused on healthy eating for weight loss may buy into misinformation that eating certain foods or consuming specific beverages will boost their metabolism and speed up their weight loss. We’ve also heard that certain types of exercise will send your calorie burning furnace into overdrive. Wouldn’t we all like

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Healthy Eating Guide Recipe: Chicken, Basil, and Pineapple Collard Wraps

A healthy eating guide should include unusual combinations of tasteful foods that will excite your taste buds. Try this unusual, healthy recipe from the editors of Shape Magazine. Basil and pineapple make for an intriguing sweet-tart flavor that will perk up your taste buds. LeeAnn Weintraub, R.D.N., a Los Angeles

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Healthy Diet Recipe: Roasted Summer Vegetable Salad

Looking for a healthy diet recipe and a little light on your vegetable intake? Roasting vegetables either in the broiler or on the grill is the way to go. Even if you think you don’t like vegetables, you’ll enjoy them in this healthy diet recipe. Roasting vegetables causes caramelization and

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What is a Balanced Diet? New USDA Guidelines

What is a balanced diet? For years we had been advised by the USDA under the Nutrition Guidelines that the keys to a balanced diet included eating low-fat foods and watching our cholesterol intake. So, we gobbled up the low-calorie snacks and downed egg white omelets, but ignored the fact

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Healthy Eating Guide: Skip the Smoothies and Eat Your Vegetables

Here’s my healthy eating guide: Chew your food. Don’t puree it. I know. Smoothies are all the rage. Perhaps you’re partial to Jamba Juice’s Amazing Greens Smoothie, a healthy-sounding drink containing “a tasty blend of super greens, pumpkin seeds, peaches, lemon and bananas that delivers at least 11g of protein,

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Healthy Diet Programs Include Desserts

Healthy diet programs often get derailed when the dessert menu arrives at the table or when the Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips call us from the deep recesses of the pantry. Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up desserts for the rest of your life. And trying to achieve that goal will

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Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: Try this Tilapia Recipe

Healthy eating for weight loss involves eating nutritious foods that are good for the body. Eating fish is a good way to fulfill your protein and vitamin needs while keeping calories low. Tired of salmon? Why not try this healthy eating recipe for tilapia. The olive tapenade will amp up

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Healthy Diets: Elaine’s Blog, Week #11

Healthy diets Allow for Occasional Treats, But Watch Portion Control Eating a healthy diet and following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you abstain from all the ‘bad foods’. In fact, one of Lorie’s recommendations is that you: Be a little bad. Over the weekend I attended the OC Night Market