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Why Nutritionists are Skeptical of Nutrition Research

Nutritionists look at all nutrition studies with a healthy dose of skepticism. There’s good reason to do so. It seems like there’s a new study with some sort of dietary health recommendation every week, and often the latest results contradict what we’ve heard before. For example, recently a study came

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Holistic Nutritionists Recommend Eating Fruit

Holistic nutritionists recommend fruit. Many people are shunning fruit due to its fructose content. But, unlike products with added sugar, it comes in a fiber package and contains many healthy vitamins and minerals. If you’ve banned fruit from your diet, add it back in. Just avoid that morning glass of

  • nutrition coaching works with your brain

Nutrition Coaching Focuses on the Brain

Nutrition coaching focuses less on diets and more on your brain. That’s because every one of the 200 food choices we make every day starts in our heads. Why Nutrition Coaching Works Nutrition coaching is effective because losing weight requires that we consciously change our habits and behavior. Bad habits