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Good Weight Loss Programs Promote Sleep

Good weight loss programs have many components. One often neglected area is sleep. Many people don’t realize that there is a biological link between inadequate sleep and weight gain. To good news is that new research demonstrates that night owls who skimp on sleep can change their sleep cycles Good

Good Weight Loss Programs Spice it Up

Good weight loss programs spice it up! I was a vegetarian for 14 years long before it was fashionable to eat a lot of vegetables. When I ventured into restaurants in those days, the best I could do was a plate of soggy, tasteless vegetables.   That led me to

Good Weight Loss Programs Include Treats

Good weight loss programs must include treats. The key is to find some treats that are nutritious and also satisfy your sweet tooth. Pay attention to portion size. Many of my clients have tried the “first three bites” rule and found that it works for them. In other words, savor

Good Weight Loss Programs Include Healthy Foods Like Squash

Good weight loss programs include healthy foods like winter squashes. Winter squashes are nutrition powerhouses that yield a wide variety of health benefits.   Good Weight Loss Programs Include Winter Squash   We usually think of squashes as vegetables, but botanists characterize them as fruits because they develop from the

  • good weight loss programs avoid fast food

Good Weight Loss Programs Avoid Fast Food

Good weight loss programs avoid fast food and focus on healthy food. Food selection makes a big difference in how you feel and how your brain and body perform. Good weight loss programs are not be driven solely by calorie reduction. Food selection is equally important. De-emphasize fast foods and

  • good weight loss programs ban diet sodas

Good Weight Loss Programs Ban These Foods

Good weight loss programs ban foods that are harmful to our health. There are healthy foods, not-so-healthy foods and then some that are health hazards. Good weight loss programs recommend eliminating foods that have been shown to be hazardous to our health.     Five Foods to Ban From Your

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Good Weight Loss Programs Use Effective Techniques

Good weight loss programs have to pull out all the stops.   Our surroundings are constantly tempting us to eat unhealthy foods. Don’t discount tricking yourself by using these techniques suggested by Web MD. There is science behind these cheat ideas, so make use of them.     Good Weight