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Can a Healthy Balanced Diet Include Meal Replacements?

Many of us strive to eat a healthy balanced diet but end up reaching for shortcuts like nutrition bars and shakes because of their convenience. Can these meal replacements be part of a healthy balanced diet? Brands like Ensure have been around for years targeting the older adult market. More

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Try Grilled Tofu for a Balanced Vegan Diet

Whether you're eating a balanced vegan diet, or just trying to cut down on your consumption of saturated fats, tofu is a health addition to your diet. Health Benefits of Tofu for a Balanced Vegan Diet Tofu, made from soybean curds, is naturally gluten-free and low calorie, contains no cholesterol

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Does a Balanced Diet Include Taking Probiotics?

Have you been trying to eat a balanced diet and wondering if you should be taking probiotics? You may have heard that they help with digestive problems, improve your immune system, and can speed weight loss. Probiotics are big business. Sales of supplements and probiotic foods are expected to approach

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Healthy Diet Programs Nix the “Diet” as well as the “Cheat Days”

Healthy diet programs include eating a balanced diet and focusing on eating healthy foods every day. Staying focused on a healthy lifestyle while being inundated by seductive messages to consume enormous portions of addictive treats presents a monumental challenge, right up there with resisting the siren call of your cellphone

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Healthy Eating: Black Bean Soup with Miso & Ginger

Eating broth-based or pureed soup can be an integral part of a healthy eating plan. Studies show that people who regularly eat soup are less likely to be overweight.  Starting your meals with soup may also help you eat less, making it an effective weight loss technique and increasing the