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Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Healthy breakfast recipes are valuable commodities. Many people skip breakfast because they’re hair is on fire from the time they wake up until they arrive at the office, just in the nick of time. The bulk of the studies conducted on breakfast eaters v. breakfast skippers have found that those

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Advice from a Holistic Nutritionist: Skip the Juice Drinks

As a holistic nutritionist, I’m often asked about juicing and smoothies. Many people down a liquid breakfast and feel virtuous. They believe that they have started with day in the healthiest possible way. I’m not a big fan of juicing or smoothies. I think the healthier breakfast is to eat

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Healthy Diet Recipe: Banana and Almond Butter Toast

A healthy diet includes healthy eating habits, which include eating breakfast. This week's recipe couldn't be any easier. We're all rushing around in the morning and usually don't have time to make breakfast. Try this easy to assemble, grab-n-go breakfast. The beauty of this breakfast is that it has protein