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Healthy Eating Habits Include Meal Plans

Healthy eating habits must include a weekly meal plan, at least until your develop routine habits. Weight loss clients who I coach are required to do a meal plan for the week so there’s a plan in place before the craziness of the workweek takes over. Typically, the best time

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Healthy Eating Habits Involve Psychology

Healthy eating habits require understanding a bit of psychology. Since all food decisions start in the brain, it’s no surprise that there is some mental gymnastics and rationalization involved in making food decisions. Healthy Eating Habits are Influenced by Psychology Healthy eating habits are influenced by psychology. Here is some

Elaine’s Journey to Professional Cheerleader (part 2)

OMG I made it to finals! I was ecstatic when I learned that I had made it to the final round of the audition process! In addition to working at my regular job, I had to attend mandatory rehearsals in the evenings to prepare for the final audition which was

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Healthy Eating Motivated by the Dream of Becoming a Professional Cheerleader

Elaine knew that healthy eating was necessary to achieve her dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.  In this blog post, she recounts Part 1 of her journey in auditioning for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleading squad.  It begins with a dream My lifelong dream has been to be a professional

Planning for Healthy Eating: Elaine’s Blog, Week #6

Healthy eating requires planning We can all relate to the feeling of the Monday blues, and though Saturday and Sunday are the designated “free days”, most of us are just as busy during the weekend as we are Monday thru Friday -- if not busier.  I had a lot going

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A Balanced Diet: Your Brain Can Be Trained to Prefer Healthy Foods

A balanced diet consists of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats. Many people who are trying to adopt healthy eating habits have trouble resisting high calorie snacks and fast food. Good news! Not only do your taste buds adapt over time, but research from Tufts University demonstrates that the