Trendy Diets: Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Trendy diets come and go. But sometimes there of elements of trendy diets that are worth incorporating into your healthy diet. Experts sort through the fads to see what really helps you lose weight.

  • how to maintain weight loss after keto

How to Maintain Weight Loss After Keto

How to maintain weight loss after Keto can be a little tricky. Staying on Keto for longer than a few months might be bad for your health. Plus, most dieters can’t stick to a stick Keto diet for more than a few months

  • good fats and bad fats

Healthy Keto Diet

Healthy Keto Diet is possible. Many people who try the Keto diet rely mostly on fat and protein. But if your version of a healthy keto diet is to substitute vegetables and beans for processed carbs then Keto can be a very healthy diet.

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