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How to Cut Down on Processed Food

How do I cut down on processed food? Processed food is any food item that has been canned, cooked, frozen, pasteurized, or packaged. You can enjoy many processed foods, including canned vegetables, frozen fruits, and pasteurized dairy products, as part of a healthy diet. However, some highly processed items are loaded with salt, sugar, additives, and preservatives, which can harm your health.

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Healthy Winter Soups

Healthy winter soups start with nutritious ingredients. Slow-cookers are an easy way to make healthy winter soups. If you like mushrooms, this is a great recipe to add to your collection of healthy winter soups.

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Sleep Linked to Mental Health

Is sleep linked to mental health? Or is your diet more determinative? How about exercise? Do all of these factors work synergistically or is one more important than the others?

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