• stress eating help

Stress Eating Help

Are you looking for stress eating help? Why is it that when the stress piles up — along with the laundry, the computer glitches, the worries over the long-running pandemic — we always seem to crave brownies and never broccoli?

  • COVID what day is it?

COVID What Day is it?

COVID What day is it has become a common question. Every day seems the same as the last and the same as the next. I wake up and I have to ask my husband is it Sunday or Monday?

  • reduce stress to lose weight

Reduce Stress and Lose Weight

Reduce stress and you will be better able to resist junk food and alcohol. There is some new and interesting research about the relationship between stress overload and the inability to resist rewards like junk food. This is yet more evidence that the brain is not made for multitasking. Reduce

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