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Good Weight Loss Programs Include a Healthy Breakfast

Good weight loss programs depend on providing adequate fuel to your body throughout the day. That includes starting the day off with a healthy breakfast. Decades of research demonstrates the value of starting your day with a healthy breakfast. I like to analogize eating breakfast to putting gas in your

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The Best Weight Loss Programs Are Deprivation Free

The best weight loss programs are the ones that change our relationship with food so that we learn how to savor it and eat sensible portions. Many people fixate of eliminating the “bad” foods that they crave and trying to replace them with “healthy” foods that they dislike. We need

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The Best Weight Loss Programs Substitute More Nutritious Foods

The best weight loss programs involve making healthy substitutions for old-time favorites. We are a pasta loving country. Whether it’s spaghetti, fettuccini or penne it pairs well with sauce, usually a creamy variety, and is the ultimate comfort food. Macaroni and cheese is still a childhood staple that prevails into