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Dieting Tip: Check the Calorie Count

Dieting tip for the day: Check the calorie count before you indulge. New research demonstrates that doing so impacts the brain’s response to the food. A Useful Dieting Tip Trying to keep fast food cravings in check? Hold the fries! As I like to tell me clients, all food decisions

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Weight Loss Diets Aren’t Scientific

Most weight loss diets are not backed by science. Yet they catch on and people want to believe that they’re effective. If the last weight loss diet didn’t work, there’s always a new one on the horizon. Very few overweight dieters bother to investigate a weight loss diet to determine

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Weight Loss Strategies that Work

Weight loss needs to involve behavior change or it won’t work for more than a short period of time. Resist the lure of the quick fix. It only provides a temporary reprieve from the hard work of habit change. Wellness coaching is based on the premise that poor health behaviors

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What’s the Best Weight Loss Program?

What’s the best weight loss program? There are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming and confusing. Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting? Which is the best weight loss program in the long run? Best Weight Loss Programs in Today’s World Today’s world is food-centric. What’s the best

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Tips for Weight Loss Skip the Small Plates

Tips for weight loss usually include eating on smaller plates. Often we are advised to eat our dinner on salad plates. While it is certainly true that dinner plate sizes have increased over the last few decades, for some eating on small plates is not the answer to portion control

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Healthy Weight Loss Starts with Knowing Your Numbers

Healthy weight loss really starts with determining if your current weight is a healthy weight. There are several different ways to test for a healthy weight. What is a Healthy Weight? Many Americans struggle to control their weight. The country’s obesity problem is well known. According to the latest statistics,

A Weight Loss Diet Recipe for Healthy Bagels

Can a healthy weight loss diet include bagels? The average bagel is made from simple carbohydrates that break down into sugar rapidly. Due it its super size, bagels average between 300 and 350 calories. Ironically, a donut may have fewer calories due to its smaller size.   Can a Weight

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Weight Loss Programs Include Healthy Soups

Weight loss programs should always include healthy soups. There’s no need to add cream. Just use healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables and puree them when cooked. Soups are a comfort food and will keep you full for a long time.   I love root vegetables. While we’re all familiar with onions and

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Can a Healthy Diet Include Eggs?

Can a healthy diet include eggs? As a Nutritionist and weight loss specialist, this is a question that I am frequently asked. There is good reason for the confusion. As is often the case with nutrition recommendations and research, the thinking and official advice from USDA change over time. In

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You May Be Overlooking a Critical Part of a Diet for Weight Loss

If you’re on a diet for weight loss and not losing weight, you may be overlooking the culprit. Calorie restriction and exercise are necessary components of a diet for weight loss. But, sometimes we undermine our best efforts by another life habit that you might think is unrelated. Remember the