• is all saturated fat unhealthy?

Is All Saturated Fat Unhealthy?

Is all saturated fat unhealthy? This is an open question at the moment. The research keeps coming up with conflicting answers. Here’s a summary of where the research stands right now on the question of “Is all saturated fat unhealthy?” from Barbara Quinn, RD and Nutritionist. She calls it “The great saturated fat debate.”

  • behavioral psychology for weight loss

Lifestyle Change is the Key To Weight Loss

Lifestyle change is the only way to get the weight off and keep it off for good. It is the only method of weight reduction that ever works in the long-term.

  • is chocolate addictive?

Is Chocolate Addictive?

Is Chocolate Addictive? People have enjoyed chocolate and similar treats made from cacao fruit for thousands of years. Today it’s eaten in many different ways and is arguably among the most popular foods — so you may even wonder if it’s addictive.

  • why fast food is bad for you

Why Fast Food is Bad For You

You may wonder why fast food is bad for you. We’ve all heard that fast food is bad for us. But what is considered fast food and what does it do to our bodies? If burgers, French fries and greasy breakfast sandwiches become centerpieces of your diet, they could take a serious toll on your health.

  • health benefits of mushroomsups

Healthy Winter Soups

Healthy winter soups start with nutritious ingredients. Slow-cookers are an easy way to make healthy winter soups. If you like mushrooms, this is a great recipe to add to your collection of healthy winter soups.

  • sharing weight loss data

Sharing Weight Loss Journey Helps

Does sharing weight loss journey data help maintain weight loss? According to a new Drexel University study, sharing self-monitored health data improves person's weight loss maintenance. Research suggests that health counselors having access to self-monitored health data would improve a person's weight loss maintenance.

  • good fats and bad fats

Is a Low Fat Diet Healthy?

Is a low fat diet healthy? For about 40 years, most major health organizations recommended a low fat diet to prevent heart disease. But over the past decade, the American Heart Association, the federal dietary guidelines, and other nutrition authorities have shifted away from advising people to limit the total amount of fat in their diets.

  • how to build a healthy meal

How to Build a Healthy Meal

Want to know how to build a healthy meal? It doesn’t require real “cooking,” but just a bit of planning. Once you understand the components of how to build a healthy meal you can just mix and match

  • anti-inflammatory diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Anti-inflammatory diets have gotten a lot of press recently in light of the Covid pandemic. But what are anti-inflammatory diets and do they really make a difference?

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