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  • calories in nuts are lower than thought

Calories in Nuts

Calories in nuts? They may be quite a bit lower than are being reported on most nutrition labels. A new method of measuring calorie absorption is starting to change the thinking of how to measure the number of calories in nuts.

  • how to stop sugar cravings

Sugar Causes Overeating

Sugar causes overeating. But why? New research demonstrates that a high-sugar diet dulls the sensation of satiety and causes overeating. Foods with more intense flavor and structure induce sensations of feeling full.

  • lessons learned from quarantine

High Blood Pressure & Meditation

High blood pressure can be lowered with meditation according to recent research. A new study by Veterans Affairs showed that meditation was linked to lower cardiovascular risk.

  • craving salty snacks

Craving Salty Foods?

Craving salty foods? Surveys estimate almost 100% of women and nearly 70% of men report having experienced cravings — or intense desire for a specific type of food — during the past year.

  • fitness trends for 2021

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? The answer is not always clear. The American Cancer Society’s new guidelines increase the amount of weekly exercise and provide more details on which foods are best to eat.

  • should I take vitamins?

Should I Take Vitamins?

Should I take vitamins? It’s a good question without a clear-cut answer. While this issue has been studied for some time, scientists do not agree on whether taking a daily multivitamin is beneficial to your health or just a waste of money.

  • sharing weight loss data

Healthy Diet Programs

Healthy diet programs are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There is no perfect diet that works for every metabolism or body type. The foods that are healthiest for you may be different from what works for others.

  • lazy keto diet

Keto Diet and Weight Gain

Keto diet and weight gain? Yes, this new research indicates that weight gain in the long run might be an unwarranted side effect of this low carb, high protein, high fat diet.

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