• sharing weight loss data

Sharing Weight Loss Journey Helps

Does sharing weight loss journey data help maintain weight loss? According to a new Drexel University study, sharing self-monitored health data improves person's weight loss maintenance. Research suggests that health counselors having access to self-monitored health data would improve a person's weight loss maintenance.

  • healthy eating tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating tips that are reliable are the key to a healthy diets. But, with all the diet advice out there, it’s easy to overlook some of the most basic nutrition guidelines. And these are the ones that are the most effective.

  • wellness coach Lorie Eber

A Wellness Coach Can Help

A wellness coach is a professional who helps people assess their current physical and emotional state, and helps them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals. What Does a Wellness Coach

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