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Workplace Wellness in Five Easy Steps

Workplace wellness is a topic that is often discussed but typically not acted upon. A company’s most valuable asset is its employees, and employee health is the top indicator of employee productivity. Yet, many employees get so involved with their job tasks that they forget about their daily health. Don’t

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What Should Good Workplace Wellness Programs Include?

Most large corporations have now workplace wellness programs. Often these corporate wellness programs consist of nothing more than an annual “Biggest Loser” competition which motivates employees for the duration of the contest, but typically doesn’t have any long-lasting impact. As a Certified Nutritionist, I’m not a proponent of these types

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Corporate Wellness Programs Should Include the Office Environment

Many companies have corporate wellness programs. Often someone organizes a “biggest loser” competition with the goal of helping employees lose weight. Such workplace wellness programs rarely have long lasting impact. In fact, many of these office competitions are counter-productive because the competitors starve themselves or go on bizarre diets to